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The Alzheimer’s Day Center has opened at the Lyons-la-Forêt nursing home

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Nathalie Gallais and Angélique Ratieuville are the carers who take care of the daycare. © Neutrality

This project has been on hold for several years.

the nursing staff Lyons-la-Forêt Hospital for Elderly Dependents (Ehpad), local elected officials, and representatives Eure section and those of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in Normandy met Friday, April 7, 2023 To open a day center.

Open from Monday to Friday February 14, 2023It receives six people daily who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or related disordersiPad Les Jardins Leon La Foret (Uri).

A moment of respite for caregivers

Marian KardialaguetThe director of the foundation expressed her happiness with the opening of this daycare center. “We asked an architectural firm to restore an old residence for the company,” she explains.

“The architect created a light, soft and comfortable atmosphere, using environmentally friendly materials, such as pressed straw on the roof or natural rubber lino.”

Marian Kardialaguet, Director of the Foundation

To open this new service, 320,000 euros were required. The work is funded by a grant of up to €100,000. Marianne Cardialagoet also thanked the Yellow Pieces for their donation of €16,000, as well as ten neighboring municipalities, including Lyons-la-Forêt, for their contribution of €9,795.

Thierry Bellover, Mayor of Lyon La Foret, then took the floor. He said he was finally honored to be able to open a second day center in the Strip, in addition to that for Andiles. “I didn’t think it would take so long to do that.” For this project that was decided before the pandemic, the delays have already been repeated.

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Marianne Cardialagoet, Director of EPHAD Les Jardins, launched the opening of the daycare center with a word.
Marian Kardialagit launched the opening of the daycare with the word. © Neutrality

He finally dedicated this Inauguration Day to “all the caregivers who are suffering for a loved one and who deserve our admiration. Daycare allows them a moment of respite and discussion.”

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Hence it is intermediate step between staying at home and entering residence.

busy days

Then the opening continued with a site visit. Natalie Gallet And Angelique Ratiofelare the two caregivers who take care of the daycare.

They pick up patients in a minibus, in a A radius of 20 km, to start activities around 10 am. “In the morning, we make it memory Through games, because they are more alert. We stay in a group so they can help each other. »

At mealtime, everyone sets the table. “We eat with them so they can imitate us. It’s a therapeutic meal.”

Patients gather in small groups of six for workshops, in an environment intended to provide comfort and calm.
Patients gather in small groups of six for workshops, in an environment intended to provide comfort and calm. © Neutrality

Then the patients get half an hour off break before proceeding with More fun games, such as gentle gymnastics, cooking workshops, crafts and songs… which are led by two active caregivers. “People tell us they feel at home and that makes us happy too.

It is a kind of exchange, because the elderly are a source of knowledge, and they also teach us things,” they say.

“The patients found each other very well: in each group, I can tell you, there is a great atmosphere!”

Natalie Gallet and Angelique Ratiofel, the two caregivers who take care of the daycare

The two women also take advantage of the moment they come home around 4pm to talk to patients’ relatives. “The feedback is very good.”

For any information, contact the nursing home by phone at 02 32 48 04 05 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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