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F1 - Championnat : Alpine F1 perd une place après l'Australie

The Alpine F1 loses one spot after Australia

The Alpine team finished for the third time in a row in points, thanks to the seventh place Estepon received. Okan After the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. His teammate Fernando Alonso finished seventeenth.

In the top ten of every race since the beginning of the year, Frenchman Estபpen O’Connor finished seventh at the Sundays Driving Championships, while the Alpine team is now fifth at the Constructors’ Championships, one place short of last. March on the streets of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Alpine CEO says he was disappointed with the team’s decision this weekend, but the Frenchman wants to remain confident throughout the season.

We are generally disappointed with our decision today. But in the end it is a good sign that we are not satisfied because it shows how far we have come as a team. ⁇ Said Laurent Rosie, CEO of Alpine.

“We knew we had the speed and energy to get the best result out of our two cars, but the weekend was not in our favor. ⁇

“When your two single seats start at the eighth and tenth, it is always difficult to climb the stairs. After a promising start, the security car particularly fined Fernando, who mastered a prudent but effective tactic and then saw him go on hard tires to wear mediums. ⁇

“Overall we have shown that we are competitive and will continue to build on the good foundation we have and make some improvements for the races to come to continue to fight above the stage. To do this, we are going to do our usual thing to put both cars on points.”

“I am confident that Enstone and everyone on the field will continue to work hard to bring this worthy team forward. We are now looking at the next stage and the return to Europe, Imola.

Team Engine Points
Ferrari Ferrari 104
Mercedes Mercedes 65
Red bull HRC 55
McLaren Mercedes 24
Alpine Renault 22
Alfa Romeo Ferrari 13
Haas Ferrari 12
Alpha Touri HRC 10
Williams Mercedes 1
Aston Martin Mercedes
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