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The Afghan born on a US military plane was named Reach, the device's code name

The Afghan born on a US military plane was named Reach, the device’s code name

The commander of US forces in Europe revealed on Wednesday that a young Afghan girl who was born on a US military plane that evacuated her parents to the base in Ramstein, Germany, was given the name “Rich,” which is the codename for the device.

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On a full Saturday flight from Qatar, the pregnant woman started feeling cramps. Immediately after landing in Ramstein, the US military helped the Afghan woman deliver her baby on the plane before taking her and her newborn to a nearby hospital.

Each USAF aircraft has its own code name for communications with other aircraft or control towers, and the code for C-17 freighters is usually Reach followed by a number.

General Walters told reporters that the boy’s parents named him “Rich” because that’s the code name for the C-17 “(up to 828).

He added, “As you can imagine, ‘Being a US Air Force pilot, my dream is to see this little girl named Rich grow up as an American citizen and fly fighter jets in our Air Force.'”

The commander of US forces in Europe said that of the 7,000 evacuees from Kabul who had passed through US bases in Europe since August 20, only 100 had to receive medical care, whether for Covid-19 symptoms or other medical reasons.

Of those people, General Walters said, 25 have been taken to a local hospital and 12 have already been discharged.

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Two more children were born after their mother landed at the Ramstein base.