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The 8 countries where it really costs less to switch from a petrol car to an electric car

The 8 countries where it really costs less to switch from a petrol car to an electric car

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Until tomorrow morning we can discuss the importance of electrifying the entire car fleet of the planet. Do we have all the necessary resources? Will we get rid of all greenhouse gases in the transportation sector? Will we just reach the electrification goals that countries like Canada have set themselves by 2035?

Where there is no doubt that the transition to electric cars is in the wallets of the owners … especially in the eight countries mentioned in the above chart. These are the places on the planet where switching from gasoline to electric yields the most savings once down the road.

Obviously, it’s difficult to compare the cost of a full tank of gas to the cost of a full electric charge, since the distance a tank can travel varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle. In addition, it is really rarely filled: there are always a few liters of fuel or a few kilowatt-hours of electricity in reserve.

That is why the comparison at 100 km seems appropriate. This gives a better indication of the cost of using both types of propulsion, on a similar vehicle. This is the exercise I did UK Drive Electric website. We also learn that Canada is one of the places in the world where electricity is the most expensive: it costs five times less to drive an electric car, a difference even more pronounced in Quebec, where electricity is 45% less than the national average.

This helps to extinguish the sometimes high cost of an electric vehicle more quickly than a gas-powered vehicle of similar shape…

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