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The 51-year-old Briton was a notorious fraudster in England, who hurt both sexes

The 51-year-old Briton was a notorious fraudster in England, who hurt both sexes


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On Thursday August 25, a man ran over two gendarmes in Cruz with his vehicle after refusing to comply. The 51-year-old Briton has already been convicted in the United Kingdom of serial fraud and is the subject of a documentary on Netflix.

Behind these barriers is a dog farm in Vidaylot, south of Cruz. The site will undergo a health inspection on Thursday, August 25. In support of the operation, the gendarmes ask the manager for his identification documents. The man refuses and gets behind the wheel of his car. On the way, he knocks down two gendarmes. A neighbor witnessed the incident. The two seriously injured soldiers were hospitalized for a few hours.

The fugitive is not known. According to investigators, he is a 51-year-old Briton, a notorious fraudster. UK, dealing with an ace. Thanks to his scams, he allegedly swindled more than a million pounds and was even the subject of a documentary on an online platform. Convicted in 2005, he was released in 2009, according to the Times, and settled in France a few years later. A person in public authority is being investigated for attempted voluntary manslaughter.

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