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"That's too much for Lehkonen" - TVA Sports

“That’s too much for Lehkonen” – TVA Sports

Artturi Lehkonen is attracting interest across the National Hockey League.

But his salary and status for next season are causing problems for some teams, according to Renault Lavoie.

“Speaking with a few teams, their problem with Lehkonen is that he’s making a lot of money, at $2.3 million. With the salary cap low and all teams about to hit it, that’s a lot of money for some teams.

“The Lightning, for example, has no dollars available. That is the reality of many other teams. On the other hand, Canadians will surely be able to withhold a portion of his salary,” a TVA Sports journalist said in his column on the programme. GCMonday. Watch it in the video above.

It’s the sequel that scares potential Canadian buyers further forward since Lehkonen becomes a restricted free agent next summer and will be eligible to arbitrate. Therefore, his salary will increase.

“Unlike Ben Shearoot’s case, teams have to think about next year for Lehkonen. It really does handcuff some of them. Many teams are interested in Lehkonen for this season, but they are wondering how they can afford him next year because he could potentially earn more than 2.3 million. dollars. That’s another problem.”

Number 62, who is playing his sixth season in Montreal, is one of the few players drafted by CH in the past decade who has made a mark in the NHL. With 28 points in 55 games, he’s easily heading into his most productive season in the NHL. In addition, Likonn has six goals and eight points in his last six matches.

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