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That's all the Starship rocket will attempt during its fourth space flight

That's all the Starship rocket will attempt during its fourth space flight

SpaceX plans to perform two major maneuvers during Starship's fourth flight, including precisely re-entering the spacecraft into Earth's atmosphere.

that it By tweet SpaceX has given the expected timetable for the fourth flight: In principle, the giant Starship rocket will launch again from June 5, 2024. The date has not been fully determined yet, as the American company is still waiting for the final green light from the authorities. However, we already know the theoretical schedule of what the launcher will do.

Fourth trip It has two main goals : On the one hand, perform a landing maneuver and then jettison Super Heavy (the spacecraft's primary operator) into the Gulf of Mexico; On the other hand, it succeeds in returning to the atmosphere, and then a controlled landing of the spacecraft in the Indian Ocean.

Source: SpaceX
D-day is approaching. //Source: SpaceX

The main stages of the fourth flight of the spacecraft

00:00:02 Leaves ;
00:01:02 The moment of maximum mechanical pressure on the missile (Max Q);
00:02:41 Shutting down most engines (“Super Heavy MECO”);
00:02:45 Separating the two stages and igniting the spacecraft's propulsion (“hot staging”);
00:02:49 Ignite the Super Heavy engines to return to Earth;
00:03:52 Extinction of very heavy engines;
00:06:39 Transonic booster.
00:06:43 Starting the engines to land the very heavy vehicle;
00:07:04 Stop the sequence
00:08:23 Shutting down the spacecraft;
00:47:25 Return of the spacecraft to Earth;
01:03:11 Transonic spacecraft.
01:04:01 Subsonic spacecraft.
01:05:38 Tilt the spacecraft for landing;
01:05:43 Ignition propulsion.
01:05:48 Spacecraft landing.

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