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Thailand: Nearly 6,000 American soldiers to participate in the exercises

Fighter planes, helicopters and armored vehicles: On the Thai beach, US and local soldiers rehearsed the landing scenario on Friday, as part of Cobra Gold, one of the largest military exercises in Asia, with about 6,000 cubic meters this year.

The 42nd edition of Cobra Gold, which is held annually, marks a return to normal following the restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

From Monday to March 10, thousands of soldiers from the United States, Thailand and other Asian countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan) gathered for a series of pair exercises aimed at strengthening their bond.

With some 6,000 members, the American delegation more than quadrupled in one year, establishing its influence in this highly strategic region of the world, the scene of its rivalry with China.

“While we all speak different languages, we are moving forward with shared relationships, the idea of ​​moving towards a free and open Indo-Pacific,” said Captain Jonathan Coronel.

Cobra Gold Training includes jungle survival lessons and how to catch snakes.

Dozens of American, Thai and South Korean soldiers coordinated on Friday during an amphibious operation that also mobilized combat aircraft, on the beach of a naval base three hours’ drive from Bangkok, in Chonburi Province (east).

These are complex processes. “It is very important that we train together,” Chieringchai Chomchirangpat, Commander-in-Chief of the Thai Navy, told reporters.

We have good cooperation in the region. If there are tensions, we can resolve the issue and fight the suspicions,” the admiral continued.