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Texture and patterns as a creative space

Texture and patterns as a creative space

For once, here is a gallery where you can touch the works. At ArteFactory, a space in the famous Pâquis district of Geneva, visitors spread these tapestries hanging on the wall to discover their stories. Some turn out to be more immediate and understandable at first glance, such as the sensitive and eccentric characters created by a hit. Famous painter Albertine. However, most of the motifs contain somewhat vague tales.

Colorful and cheerful patching of Zach Guimaraes (Interviewer) Represents his transport for medical imaging. For those drawings that belong to his series Cellular constellations He was inspired by the numerous medical tests he had undergone, and he was fascinated by the images produced by the viruses or bacteria that live in our bodies.

Starting with a series of pictures of “Little Things” – everyday details touching his contemplative spirit – Helen Dufour (Interview) She immortalized all the scratches she saw on the ground, on the roads and paths “patched” with tar. Then she collected these pictures on her canvas and baptized Street art, Proof that we can also marvel at the asphalt.

While most of the designs, which were created using various techniques, were printed at the end of the process on fabrics, some artists have turned to a completely handcrafted design. Among these unique pieces we find the embroidered designs of Cesare Bianchi or the blue stripes stamped with patience by Florence Widmer Garcia (opposite). Whereas, thanks to cyanotype, Natalie Witzel (Below) He left a print job I cut out in blue for the sun.

Creative people from all walks of life, including also architects, graphic and ceramics designers, participated in this group exercise organized by the curators. Francoise Bridel (below) And the Anne Patry, Whose only restriction is to make a washable cloth measuring one by two meters. Display it at home, wear it as a scarf, or sew a dress on it: Visitors can now make these patterns themselves.

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Le Comptoir des Motifs: installation and sale of fabrics, ArteFactory, Avenue du Royaume 1, Geneva, Tel. 077431 22 42, Thursday-Sunday 5-9 pm, until May 9. You find All articles on “One day, an idea».