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Temperatures, pollen, mosquitoes…is summer yet?

We are still in winter, but some phenomena that usually occur in spring, or even summer, have already appeared. This is the case mosquitoes. Even if their presence isn’t as important as summer, it is Milder temperatures Already brought some mosquitoes to point their noses in certain areas, especially in the south.

And so, as the urban entomologist pointed out France 3 PACA : “One of the characteristics of the tiger mosquito is that its eggs are resistant to desiccation (…) From year to year, they can adapt. The temperatures we have at the moment have a lot to do with it.” but Steps can already be taken to limit its spreadin particular by emptying or changing the water, in the open air, so that it does not turn into stagnant water, favorable to mosquito eggs.

Also, the temperatures this winter do not correspond to seasonal rates and have broken records. For example, in early January, in some cities, such as Strasbourg for example, ten degrees above normal are recorded. the Hurricanes and lack of rain It did not make it possible to fill the soil and streams with water, causing a continuation of the drought already present since this summer in France.

Finally, generally less present in winter, Pollen came back faster than expected. Thus, according to National Aeronautical Biological Monitoring Network (RNSA), in 24 provinces, mostly in the southern part of the country, the expected health impact of pollen is high. In the rest of the region, it is average. Without rain, pollen sticks to the ground, scattering through the air.

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