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Teamwork: $25 off gas in four cities

Teamwork: $25 off gas in four cities

Motorists in four cities located in the Chaudière-Appalaches, Estrie and Center-du-Québec regions are entitled to a discount on gas after reaching an agreement with the Automobile Protection Association (APA) in connection with a class action lawsuit.

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Thus, consumers in Thetford Mines, Magog, Victoriaville, and Sherbrooke would share a total of $723,600 broken down in $25 fuel rebates.

APA said in a statement that the settlement is the second to occur in the class-action lawsuit against some petrol retailers regarding allegations of collusion in fixing petrol prices.

“All natural or legal persons subject to private law, companies, associations or any other groupings that do not have a legal personality have purchased petrol on at least one occasion between 1 January 2001 and 30 June 2006 in the territory of the cities [concernées]You will be able to get this discount online.

The gas stations targeted by the class action will not participate in this consumer discount. As good corporate citizens and in order to support affected consumers, several Harnois Énergies service stations have offered their assistance in distributing rebates,” APA specified.

The discount applies to purchases of 25 liters of petrol or more. The vouchers will start on January 23rd in Thetford Mines area.

For a list of participating service stations and to get the discount, just go to to the following address.