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Teacher suspended for music video

Teacher suspended for music video

A high school teacher in Châteauguay pursues a parallel career as the rapper considers him unfairly suspended after filing a complaint over one of his videos.

“To me that doesn’t make sense, it’s an attack on me, on my character, my name and my art, and it’s totally unjustified,” drops Chad Ashe, a teacher at Gabriel Roy School, in Chateauway, and rapper.

Since Friday, November 12, 2021, the 34-year-old can no longer teach his 22 senior high school students for at least 10 days.

“The principal of the school where I teach called to tell me that there had been a complaint about my video and that there would be an investigation,” says Ashe, who is also the son of singer Sylvie DeGroselier.

The video in question, posted on YouTube on August 26, is a clip of his song titled Bother, It means “problem” in Nigerian.

The singer appears with a woman in a swimsuit, drinks, eats and enjoys the pool or walks in a field.

“It’s a song about love, about not wanting to get in trouble with someone when you meet them.” I shot this video with my girlfriend because we love each other and love the song, and we wanted to celebrate our beautiful life and we are happy,” said the man who has been teaching for five years.

According to the latter, he was told by the director of his educational institution that he was suspended specifically for appearing in a swimsuit with a woman in a swimsuit.


Via an email, the New Frontiers School Board immediately indicated that it would not disclose any details, and the investigation is still ongoing.

“I will stress, however, that the concerns expressed by parents, are concerns we take very seriously, and are at the root of the situation we currently find ourselves in with Mr.

For Chad Ashe, who will have to appear at a hearing on November 25, the lack of understanding remains complete.

I talked about my music [à mes étudiants] And they wanted to see what I was doing, so I spent about 30 seconds into the clip. It was early September, so I find it hard to understand that a complaint was sent two months later.”

Racism and jealousy?

The 34-year-old rapper also believes that the accusations are caused by the color of his skin.

“There are teachers who make music, but they definitely don’t look like me,” adds Mr. Ash, who says he has also received many racist comments since the beginning of his career. Share co-workers.

If he admitted that he did nothing against the racist statements against him, this time he decided to defend himself.

“One charge is enough to damage someone’s reputation for life, so I can’t ignore this comment because I may have ignored the racist comments. There, we’re playing with my name as a teacher while I’ve been trying to establish it for years and just want to do good in the educational community,” Mr. Ash said, adding that A colleague had already hinted at pandering and physical appearance.

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Chad Ashe contacted his union, which declined ‘s interview request magazine, Because the investigation is still ongoing.