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Taxes: the return of the sad old abstinence

Taxes: the return of the sad old abstinence

The old phrase “we are the most taxed in North America” ​​has been going on like skipping an old neoliberal record. It is a questionable model. In the age of globalization, we can compare ourselves to what is beyond our neighbours.

In the latest news, I have not seen in the United States or in the Territories a lifestyle so extraordinary that it is absolutely necessary to draw inspiration from it. Moreover, the two countries that top the UN list of happiest countries are the two countries that pay the most taxes, namely Finland and Denmark.

frustrated Alberta

Let’s take a look at Alberta. Those disillusioned right-wingers who actually live in a county where the state is practically absent, where provincial taxes are low, do not seem to shine with a collective hyperbolic happily ever after. Every man for himself seems to share in a growing frustration.

So, no, the United States or Alberta are not idyllic little pieces of heaven that can be reproduced at any cost.

Second, we’re currently seeing stronger economic growth from Ontario and less indebtedness than them. Why change the recipe?

Scraping forward tax cuts

Moreover, we don’t have the means: CAQ will dive into the Generations Fund; PLQ declares a seven-year deficit; Conservatives slaughter the tasks of the state and live on oil. Nice software!

Less taxes while everything is cracking

While our public services struggle, there is a shortage of teachers, school professionals, waiting lists for daycare or a doctor are exploding, and security in the city is alarming.

We are reluctant to invest in public transportation, the delays in the courts are endless, there is a shortage of social housing, social assistance is starving, and the elderly are on very low incomes.

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After the period of austerity that followed the last tax cut, it seems to me that we should strengthen the core tasks. Cut off state revenues when the recession is before us.. responsible?