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Taxation as a hobby horse to win over the Conservative Party

Taxation as a hobby horse to win over the Conservative Party

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Eleven candidates are already vying to succeed Prime Minister Boris Johnson after he announced his resignation as leader of the Conservative Party on July 7. Among these candidates was Liz Truss, head of the embassy, ​​who announced her candidacy on Sunday evening, July 10. The internal committee has to submit the calendar for the election on Monday evening. The succession campaign will be played on personalities, but the political substance that will dominate the battle is tax proposals.

With our correspondent in London, Emily Wine

A freeze on corporate tax increases for Grant Schapps, a 15% cut for Jeremy Hunt, a lower tax rate for Nadhim Zahawi… All plans have yet to be released, but the candidates have already listed their plans to reduce the “tax burden”. A sea serpent among the Conservatives, they insist on presenting themselves as the party of low taxation and after 12 years in power, have to accept the highest level of taxes since the 1940s.

Promising to lower taxes also provides an angle of counter-attack Rishi Sunak, one of the survey options. From 2020 until last week, the Chancellor of the Exchequer presided over unprecedented public spending.

He recently resigned over economic differences with Boris Johnson. He does not promise a significant drop in contributions due to the crisis in purchasing power and energy prices, and calls on voters not to believe the “fairy tales” of his opponents.

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