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Taste of jazz made in America at the concert

Taste of jazz made in America at the concert

The Muziketo Association announces and explains a new concert with “American-Made Jazz Taste” …

Alain Powell, president of the Muziketo Association, explains that the association is announcing a new concert “with a taste of jazz made in the United States.” American saxophonist Karim Candy, who is currently touring in France, will be on stage on Saturday, February 5, at the Chatto de Abia.

Talented jazzman

Native to the West Coast of the United States, this talented jazzman, composer, educator, and musician is deeply rooted in the tradition of American jazz (classical, blues, funk …), but with an eye, an ear, a determination toward the future and modernity.

During the show, Kareem Kandy Musiketo will give the audience a journey into his universe with the warm sound of tenor, the clarity of his composition and the clarity of his writing. Double bass, and two wonderful musicians from the Toulouse jazz scene, with Andre Sutrey on the piano and Carsten Weiman on the drums.

Admission to the concert at 8:30 pm is 12 euros. Reservations can be made on 06 07 05 68 86 or on the association’s website:

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