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Tarbes. towards preventive health measures

Eight partners have just signed an agreement to implement preventive health measures.

“It’s a matter of coordination around our audience and the preventative measures we want to do jointly.” Pierre-Jean Dalo, Director of CPAM des Hautes-Pyrénées, sums up the spirit of the agreement signed on Tuesday, April 25, at his headquarters between eight partners *.

The objective is to define and coordinate the implementation of health prevention, information and joint screening measures in the Region, in order to provide a more readable service offer that is closer to the needs of the population of the department. “In France, we talk a lot about patronage, the source is always a bad relationship.” In terms of cancer screenings, the CPAM director recalls, Hautes-Pyrénées is in the middle of Occitania’s ranking. “For breast cancer, we’re below the national average, we’re slightly higher for cervical cancer and on average for colorectal cancer.” He adds that the idea of ​​the agreement “is to unite our forces in order to develop preventive measures together and lead the insured towards prevention.”

* The eight partners are: CPAM and CARSAT Midi-Pyrénées; Regional Cancer Screening and Coordination Center; ARS Occitani Eribus Occitanie The Mutalité Française Occitanie; CPTS Tarbes Adour; South Midi-Pyrenees MSA.
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