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Tania in Space: A fictional character with a Russian name and a very real experience

Tania’s comic book was created out of a passion for space and art, and can be taken as a true guide for those wishing to discover the universe. The adventures of the main character with the typical Russian name was designed by Pierre Emmanuel Paulis, who was inspired by his meetings and exchanges with real astronauts, as well as his visits to Baikonur and Cape Kennedy. Russia Beyond presents its remarkable and unique history of space conquest.

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The methods of exploring space with its infinite stars and galaxies, the history of space conquest and the work of interplanetary stations are endless and varied. One of them is comic Tania, Based on documents provided by real astronauts.

Indeed, thanks to the participation of many astronauts in the development of the comic strip, its author was able to recreate and convey a true picture of the everyday life of astronauts in space.

Long a fan of space

The teacher was loaned to the European Space Society, an association created in 1994 by the first Belgian astronaut Dirk Fremut with the aim of promoting space adventure in Belgium, particularly among young people, Pierre-Emmanuel Paules was passionate about the universe from his birth. younger. If a man was born in the decade when the spaceflight took off, he remembers it vaguely The Apollo 11 mission In 1969 on the surface of the Moon, his conscious discovery of space came to him in 1981 during the first Space shuttle flight Colombia. “It was a huge milestone that coincided with the beginning of my teenage years. Watching the launch live for me was an incredibly wonderful discovery.”, He says.

Little by little, the future president of the Mars Society in Belgium began to enter the world of space, especially thanks to his correspondence with astronauts. Convinced that these people were “unaffordable,” he received incredible surprise responses with beautifully signed photos of astronauts like John Young or Neil Armstrong. Then came the time to contact the Soviet astronauts: “I began writing to Leonov, Tereshkova, Tetov, sending letters with reply coupons (which had to be replaced by Russian stamps) to the address of Star City. [le centre d’entraînement des cosmonautes]Near Moscow ”.

Yuri Gagarin, the first astronaut in history Valentina Tereshkova and the first man to perform a spacewalk Alexei Leonov, 1965

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Some of the feats he achieved in this emotional outburst – for example, receiving a complete list of all astronauts who walked on the moon with their addresses from NASA – are more unimaginable today. “We have come a long way from the Internet era and these people were very happy to respond to requestsAnd the He explains his achievement Pierre Emmanuel. All these signed documents and photos I carefully keep at home today ». Since then, his adventures have been linked to space, but still happen on Earth, followed one by one. Thus, he had the opportunity to meet dozens of astronauts and make friends with many of them, as well as in attendance six Launch of a space shuttle in Cape Kennedy, USA, and Soyuz at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, and to visit Star City in the Moscow region, in 2001.

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Share your enthusiasm through thematic comics

Besides space, the second primal passion that accompanies PierreEmmanuel Paulis has always been drawing and art in comics, which he studied at the Saint-Luc Institute in Liège. During his studies, on his first comic detective story, he creates a character named Tania. The first name is not widely used in the French-speaking world, but one that Pierre kept in memory after his first trip to the Soviet Union during a school exchange. “During this stay, the students stayed with host families and stayed with a computer science teacher named Tatiana and everyone called her, Tania.”Pierre Emmanuel traces the story of his character’s creation.

Time went by, Pierre’s friendsEmmanuel It prompted him to make Tania an astronaut and in this way merge his passion into one. First album my place Caricature Horror on the head, With Tania as the main character, was born, according to its creator, “in space” thanks to necessary information, such as photos and documentation, provided by French astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy. “We met at the Paris Air and Space Show, at the time that he had just been chosen for his second flight in space as part of the international crew and there was a Russian astronaut named Elena Kundakova. So, he agreed to become my technical advisor, as he provided me with lots of photos and documents by fax and answered. On my questionsAs Pierre Emmanuel says.

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While Pierre Emmanuel asserts that Tania’s adventures are fiction, the comic book series, currently 7 albums, still allows you to truly explore space and learn more about its phenomena, but in a fun and less serious way than with science. Books. Contains a lot of exciting adventures from European astronaut Tania, whether on Earth during the preparations for takeoff or in space, each album is highly documented and describes the actual process of traveling into space as closely as possible. “Behind it all is great research work, and obviously also, to create my fictitious stories, I return to my personal experiences and the moments of encounters with real astronauts.”He concludes his story, great space lover Pierre Emmanuel Pauls. By following the latest trends in space conquest, he is also preparing a new album of Tania’s adventures, whose main stage this time will be Mars, one of the next goals of space conquest.

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