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talk | Independence Day, Ariel Henry was in Gonaives but could not deliver his speech

Independence Day, Ariel Henry was in Gonaives but could not deliver his speech

Under the crackle of automatic weapons, Prime Minister Ariel Henri participated in the T-Dium to celebrate the 218th anniversary of the country’s independence on Saturday January 1, 2022 in Gonaïves. However, the Prime Minister was unable to deliver his speech at the podium at the Place d’Armes due to the exchange of fire between armed civilians from Raboto and the various units of the Haitian National Police (PNH). He was sent to the city from independence. One dead and two wounded were recorded there.

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While doubts about his coming continued, Prime Minister Ariel Henry attended a mass in Gonaives, a gesture that no political authority has been able to make for the past four years. Since very early on Saturday morning, roadblocks to the Place d’Armes and the cathedral have been placed under close watch by police officers at the scene of the fight. The red carpet spread, and the platform where Ariel Henry was scheduled to give his speech was decorated with patriotic colors.

It was 9 am when the Prime Minister’s motorcade arrived at Gonaives Cathedral under heavy police protection as the explosions echoed in the surrounding areas. Accompanied by Defense Minister Enold Joseph, Home Secretary Leitch Keitel and other members of his cabinet, the city’s number one interim prime minister, Donald Diogenes, was received in a nearly empty cathedral.

During the celebration, Monsignor Yves Marie Bayan, after expressing his wishes for peace, love and prosperity for the Haitian people, encouraged a frank, inclusive and lasting dialogue in order to extricate the country from the labyrinth in which it is currently located.
2021 has been difficult, and I hope this new year will make us a lot better. We must work so that it is the year of improving the quality of life, the year of consolation and blessings of all kinds. The dialogue between generations is necessary and should serve as a basis for the realization of joint projects…”, as the bishop said. He also appealed to the national conscience, calling on armed groups to lay down arms because we do not negotiate with arms. He also encouraged the churchman to abandon small interests for the benefit of society.

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While the head of government followed with interest the progress of the ceremony, clashes took place between armed civilians in Raboto and various units of the National Front for Human Rights. Near the church, Yves Diogenes, who was hit by two shells, one in his rib cage and one in the left rear, died after being taken to La Providence hospital. Two other wounded are receiving the treatment their condition requires.

Unable to deliver his speech at the Place d’Armes, the Prime Minister was unable to deliver the speech either in the cathedral due to a lack of authorization by the religious leaders. After choosing the COUD County Emergency Operations Center, located in Morne-Blanc (Route de Bassin), the chief’s tenant changed his mind and returned to the capital.

Members of grassroots organizations, ASEC and CASEC coordinators, and members of the population who had been waiting for the Prime Minister to present their complaints to him returned empty-handed.

Celebrating in person, in Gonaïves, the commemoration of 218 years of national independence was a major challenge that Prime Minister Ariel Henry took on January 1, 2022.

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