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talk | Consensus and laziness permeate Haiti’s future

The mandate of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) has been renewed by the UN Security Council after a battle between the Americans and the Chinese over the term and mission of this annex.

The Chinese were for six short months, the Americans for 12, and consensus was reached for nine months.

This consensus, a model of its kind in international relations and in all negotiations, should inspire our politicians.

China and the United States, two permanent members of the Security Council, each with veto power, managed to neutralize each other and block the resolution on Haiti. In the end, they came to a bargain.

What prevents our political class from finding itself in the middle of the bridge, having outgrown their vanity to sign an agreement?

None of the groups present have veto power, none of them are legitimate, none has legal authority, none offers a solution to our crises of enthusiasm and anticipation, and none of the groups present enjoy popular support. Neither one is stronger than the other, and now the power of poisoning the weak prevents them from agreeing to the minimum.

As if all these considerations were unknown, none of the groups present, wishing to lead Haiti in the coming months, campaigned to convince the population of the quality of their solution.

Ariel Henry and his agreement cannot form a new government or a new Provisional Electoral Council at this time. The consolidated entities around the Montana Convention do not give the impression that there is an urgent need for them to enter an active phase.

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Both sides sit under the fortune tree and wait for a force like soursop to fall into their hands.

Patience, strength, cunning, or consensus, so what is the trick that will be applied in the next few days?

In the meantime, BINUH has its mandate on hand to continue to act as if. A new constitution, elections, fighting insecurity, economic recovery, promoting justice or any of the above, who can identify the strengths of his record in July 2022.

The United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti and Haitian politicians share laziness while others actively seek consensus.