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talk |  Canada - Haiti, better than harm to our Grenadian citizens

talk | Canada – Haiti, better than harm to our Grenadian citizens

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Canada – Haiti, better than harm to our Grenadian citizens

The four Grenads were unable to travel on Sunday, June 13 to the United States to prepare for the crucial meeting in Haiti, on Tuesday, June 15 in Chicago to face the victorious Canada (1-0) in the Port-au-Prince de Onzee National. However, tomorrow is expected Monday by the national coach, Jean-Jacques-Pierre.

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“Four players from the national team: Johnny Placid, Alex Christian Jr., Kaniji Antoine and Martin Expression, were not able to board the plane on Sunday, June 13, 2021 to Chicago (US) to play the return leg against Canada on Tuesday, June 15.” To read on the Facebook page of the Haitian Football Federation.

Invoking the reasons why the four Grenadians were unable to make the trip, FHF specifies: “On their return from Europe, they do not have enough time (14 days) to be able to enter the country of ‘Uncle Sam’.”

The good news is that Grenadines captain Johnny Placid and two other Grenadians will be traveling to Chicago, according to the Haitian Football Association’s Communications Cell.

“Fortunately, there is only one day left to complete the deadline for the first three cities. They will join the group tomorrow while Matin Experience, who only left France on Thursday, will not be able to participate in this event under any circumstances.” She said on her page. on Facebook.

Remember that at the Silvio Cator Stadium, on Saturday 12 June, Canada won the first round (1-0), Haiti is forced to win with two goals to set a new feat against the Canadians and steal their ticket to the final eight tournament. Counting towards Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers, CONCACAF region.

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