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Tales of Arise: Demo next week

Tales of Arise: Demo next week

Tales of Arise is entitled to its own demo

Available from September 9, Tales of Arise will let you discover its world starting next week. In fact, the demo will be available on August 18th on PS4, PS5, and Xbox. This is great news except for PC gamers who will have to wait for the release date to try it out.

Tales of Arise is the seventeenth game (not counting the many spinoffs) in the franchise that debuted nearly 26 years ago with Tales of Phantasia on the Nintendo Super Famicom, the best of the series and the biggest slap in the game for video games. Ever. This new component also includes in its team the veterans present since the development of this first component while the studio is still called Wolf Team but has actually been edited by Namco (now Bandai Namco). Some of its members will also leave to establish Tri-Ace in the origin of another great Japanese RPG series, ocean star.

The series distinguished itself from its competitors at the time thanks to its unique combat system, the Linear Motion Battle System. It consists of placing yourself in a character’s skin allowing you to control his movements and choose his attacks that are executed in real time. Much more dynamic than Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. In this aspect, Tales of Arise innovates by emphasizing evasiveness and responses. But we’ll have to wait until we get it before judging.