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Taiwan: The Pentagon says the US does not want a conflict with China

Taiwan: The Pentagon says the US does not want a conflict with China

As we have done in the past under multiple administrations, we will continue to assist Taiwan with all kinds of military capabilities it may need to defend itself.US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said at the headquarters of the US Department of DefenseOTAN Brussels.

So we remain focused on these actions. I will not enter into any speculation of any kind regarding TaiwanHe told the press after the NATO meeting.

When asked on Thursday about the possibility of US military intervention to defend Taiwan, Joe Biden answered in the affirmative. Yes, we have an obligation to thisHe said during an exchange with voters.

The statement contradicts the so-called policystrategic ambiguity The United States, which wants Washington to help Taiwan build and strengthen its defenses without making explicit promises of assistance in the event of an attack from China, has long had it.

The United States remains committed to the principle of only china, under which Washington diplomatically only recognizes the Beijing government, Lloyd Austin insisted.

Nobody wants to see tensions in the Taiwan Strait lead to clashes, certainly not President Biden.

Quote from:Lloyd Austin, United States Secretary of Defense

For his part, in response to a question about the danger of seeing the forces ofOTAN Implicated in a possible US conflict with China, the Secretary-General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg rejected it Prediction by default.

What matters now is reducing tensions in the region. If you start to speculate, it contributes to the contrary To exacerbate it, he said, calling for the settlement of differences by political and diplomatic means.

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China considers the island of 23 million people, which it does not control, as one of its provinces awaiting reunification and threatens to use force in the event of a formal declaration of independence in Taipei. Democratic Taiwan, it has been governed independently from mainland China since 1949 and nationalist forces retreated to the island after the Communists took power in Beijing.

China on Friday called on Joe Biden to sanityDefinitely not leaving There is no room for compromise on issues affecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity.