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Synced hearts, grabbing scorpions and "professionals" gossip on the list of Nobel Prize winners for those unlikely to be

Synced hearts, grabbing scorpions and “professionals” gossip on the list of Nobel Prize winners for those unlikely to be

A little more than two weeks before the Nobel Prize winners, who will be accompanied by basic remorse for serious things, permeate the early days of October, their crazy but no less scientific preamble was held on Thursday, September 15: Ig Nobel ceremony. For the – almost – the unforgivable who is not yet known about this interplanetary event, which this year was 32e Edition, let’s remember that the Ig Nobel Prizes (a muddy pun with the adjective “vile”) reward researchers in so-called “improbable” science, that of asking ridiculous questions on serious topics – and vice versa. To use the friendly definition that prevailed at the end, these are studies and experiments that make people laugh first and then think.

So we laugh a lot at this party but not at the lives of the spectators. Pandemic obligates, for the third year in a row, an awards ceremony has not taken place at Harvard’s Sanders Theater (Cambridge, Massachusetts) where a schoolboy usually sends kites onto the stage and where a little 8-year-old girl, rude as hell, asks the winners To be silent when their acceptance speech continues. A sign of viral and digital times, so the internet has been celebrating the improbable under the leadership of its prince, American Mark Abraham, and “attending” the real Nobel Prize winners who actually passed the prizes on to the winners. .

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Tradition says that many works related to the human body have been crowned, and the 2022 wine is no exception. Thus, in the “cardiology” category, a study was identified showing that in blind dating sessions, participants’ attractiveness to each other was revealed by the synchronization of their heartbeats (and also by the electrical activity recorded on their skin). Which proves that coding love with a heart is not all this fancy.

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Nobel Peace Prize

The Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine went to a team from the University of Warsaw who highlighted that cryotherapy able to calm stomatitis after severe chemotherapy got better results when the cold agent was made from… ice cream. Japanese researchers have won awards in the engineering sector after they researched the best way to use fingers to turn a knob…

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