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Symphurian is back... in the theater

Symphurian is back… in the theater

One of the most important television dramas in the history of the small screen in Quebec will be reborn on stage in the summer of 2022, when the play symphorian It will be shown at Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne, flag Newspaper.

This adaptation of the series written by Marcel Gamacci will go on tour in Quebec.

To coordinate this wonderful meeting with concierge Symphorien Laperle, his brother Ephrem, Madame Sylvain, Mademoiselle Lespérance and the other main characters of the series, producers Martin Leclerc and ComediHa! Two old humorists, Pierre Hoyt and Louis Saya, are asked to plot new plots.

Luis Saya will also sign this launch symphorian 2.0, in collaboration with Pierre Séguin, known for producing little lifeOne of our most popular TV shows.

It’s Francois Chenier (Radio Enver, District 31) who will resume the starring role so brilliantly defended, from 1970 to 1977, on Channel 10, by the late Gilles Latulip.

“Symphorian played an exceptional opportunity because it is so rare,” the 51-year-old admits.

why him ? “Because of his interest in personality and his interest in this era, as well as his physical resemblance [avec Gilles Latulippe] ‘ explains Martin Leclerc.

Other roles have been attributed to Martin Hiroux (Ephram), Michelle Labonte (Madame Sylvain), Natalie Mallet (Miss Lisberance), Patrice Kokorio (Oscar Bellemare), and Marie-Yves Morency (Mary Madeleine).

Stephane Cotet will take on the task of playing four secondary characters: Doctor Getty, the Reverend, Donut Labonte and police officer Pollack.

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Nobody thought of that before

rings symphorian The show has been rerun many times over the years and its characters have influenced Jill’s imagination. However, it was not until four years before, or forty years after the end of the series, that Martin Leclerc and his partner Martin Duchesne had the idea of ​​reviving it in the theater.

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“No one thought about it,” Martin Leclerc notes. As soon as the idea came to us, I called Marcel Gamacci’s daughter. We introduced her to the project and she was so happy to see that we would continue to live symphorian in the theater. “

If the play is successful, Martin Leclerc begins to dream of a comeback symphorian in the TV. “I think everyone would like it, but nothing came of it and no approach was taken.”

a play symphorian It will be presented at the residence at Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne from June 29, 2022. The Tour of Quebec will then stop at Salle Albert-Rousseau in Quebec City on September 16 and 17, and at the Étoile Banque Nationale in Broussard on November 22, 2022. For all dates :

François Chenier was chosen for the role: “I’m like a little donkey”

François Chenier will follow in the footsteps of an idol next summer, when he becomes the new Symphorian, in the theater.

“Young, I watched symphorian, but above all it was M. Latulippe who impressed me. The best degree I got in college was for a job with Mr. Latolibe,” recalls the actor, who does not contain his nervousness.

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“It’s so exciting to play, I’m like a little donkey,” he says.

Producer Martin Leclerc, who has always dreamed of adapting symphorian On the boards, he hasn’t seen anyone else take on the role of the late Gilles Latulipe.

Moreover, Francois Chenier did not even pass the test.

” where Hell RadioMartin thought I was the kind of person who could play Jill Latulip. I don’t know why he saw it, but he’s one of the few who has. “

Laugh till you cry

Even if the premiere is in six months, the actors have already been able to discover the scripts of the play through two readings, one by Zoom and the other live on the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne.

“Really, I know it would be one of the most beautiful moments in the production to hear the script for the first time. We laughed until we cried. It’s like a big pitch,” the actor shares.

While preparing, François Chenier currently avoids watching a lot of old episodes symphorian. He wants to advance his vision of Symphorien rather than copy Gilles Latulippe. “I saw my friend Emmanuel Bilodo not trying to imitate Rene Levesque. We knew he was showing Rene Levesque and it worked. It’s a matter of rhythm.”

of rhythm as well as morphology. “I should lose some belly. He was skinny, Jill Latulipe…”

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