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Sydney High School students make it a priority to pursue their bachelor’s degree

Sydney High School students make it a priority to pursue their bachelor’s degree

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From this morning, throughout the week, the final year students in Sydney were given priority to be vaccinated, with the goal that they should return to class and pass the bachelorette local equivalent in normal conditions. More than 3,000 of them have already visited the Sydney Olympic Park, which usually hosts international stars of music and sporting events, but this has turned into a major vaccine.

With our correspondent in Sydney, Gregory Blessy

« Welcome to the Sydney Olympic Park. Follow the signs to go to the vaccination center “Twenty years after the Sydney Olympics, a new race has just begun at the former Olympic site of the Vaccine Championships.

Patiently and in a single file, high school students from neighborhoods most affected by the current epidemic are waiting to be vaccinated. Among them is Austin, who sees this as a way to get back to his old life. “ That way we can quickly return to high school, resume a normal life and pass our bachelor’s degree at the best level. He believes.

In Australia, Bach takes place in October. Authorities have finally decided to give priority to final year students to be vaccinated to allow high school students to pass normally. Because students are taking distance courses right now, and it’s not easy to survive, Phoebe says. ” I miss my teachers and friends , She testifies.

Her mother came with her this morning. He hugs her when he sees her leaving the vaccination center. “ I’m so glad she got vaccinated because it gives her hope that she will go back to school and see her friends and her teachers … it’s not like being locked up at home. , She explains.

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More than 24,000 high school students are expected this week at the Sydney Vachinotrome. After that, he will meet with construction specialists and they will be able to return to work only if they can prove that they have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

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