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Switch: Nintendo wants to create more original licenses in the future

Switch: Nintendo wants to create more original licenses in the future

And lo Nintendo Renowned for its catalog of strong licenses, it is not particularly recognized for its regular cultivation, preferring to rely on its more famous franchises. On Switch, for example, we were able to discover the armsAnd the Ring fit for adventureAnd the Astral series, Or more anecdotal Sushi striker: the way to sushido And the 1-2 switching, A grain of sand around the wings and Pop up to me MarioAnd the ZeldaAnd the PokemonAnd the Fire emblem And the company. Hence, it is the last real strong license for Nintendo Comfort Splatoon, Who is entitled to The third installment in 2022.

Is the publisher doomed to support essentially the same epics, and trust third-party partners to provide more original content in a temporary exclusive, or not? Apparently not. In an interview with Nikki Reported and translated by VGCAnd the President Shuntaro Furukawa has made it clear that he hopes to develop new original licenses In the future, while continuing to build on those already installed. So it wants to offer enough cultural offer to compete with other entertainment products.

With the increase in the time spent at home, the scope of “entertainment” as an object of consumption expands. Games are not a necessity in life. For customers to be able to choose the video game in their limited time, it must be fun. The competition is tough and I’m not optimistic. I myself watch and study various forms of entertainment. Going forward, we’ll be focusing on creating a new series of games as well as long-running hits like Mario and Zelda. […]

The hardware and software development teams are located in the same building, communicate closely and consider how to introduce new forms of entertainment. In order to create one product we have to do a lot of preparation, several years in advance, so we are working non-stop. Ultimately, the deciding factor in whether or not the product will go to market is whether it can create a new experience. […]

We always say we’re in the middle of a Switch’s life cycle, and since this single device can be used to play both stationary and mobile games, we can offer a variety of software for this. The life cycle can be extended.

So the Nintendo Switch, or perhaps its future little sister, should be taking advantage of a slightly more diverse catalog in the coming years. You can get Switch Lite at € 199.99 in Amazon.

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