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Suzie Villeneuve makes one last show before she's born

Suzie Villeneuve makes one last show before she’s born

She is a singer in the 38th week of pregnancy Suzy Villeneuvefinal show in Gatineau Cultural Center for round specific memory in honor of Michael Louvain.

She shared photos from the event via her Instagram account to show her pride in the event:

Beautiful memory 😍

Last Friday was the last showing of the Unconfirmed Memorial Tour, in honor of Michel Leuven, before we head back to theaters in the fall of 2022.

It was a doubly touching evening as it was also the last show I did with a BB in my stomach. 😉

At the 38th week, I realize the wonderful experience I had of being able to sing up to this point in my pregnancy. A little angel was, once again, very present in the movement as I interpreted “C’est beau la vie” among others. This song takes on another meaning as you get closer to being a father.
Of course it was a beautiful life before, but since I got pregnant, there is another star in my heart to look at.

So, with a heart full of love, I welcome the interruption of a few days presenting itself to me, before I start a new page in the history book.

In addition to returning to theaters in the fall to continue the fantastic tour that lies ahead that will run until 2023, I will have 3 other great projects to show you.
I am really looking forward to it! You know me haha.

Until then, a “Between You and Me” subscription is available and offers new content every month.

For concert dates and participation:

I’ll let you know when BB is here. 🐣

see you soon!! happy weekend!!
Suzy XX

We can’t wait to meet their little one and wish his future parents all the best!

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