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Susan Kleiman in the daily that will replace Area 31

Susan Kleiman in the daily that will replace Area 31

The daily newspaper, which has no official title or summary yet, will face the difficult task of carrying a torch distracts 31which will end on April 21st. Suzanne Clément will play Emmanuel Lacombe, an emergency physician at a major hospital in Montreal. The series is produced by Fabien Laroche and Michel Trudeau of Aetios Productions, as well as Guillaume Lespérance of A Média.

If we’re here today, it’s really after a lot of thought, Fabien Laroche said during a press conference Tuesday morning. The producer wasn’t planning on embarking on the daily news anytime soon after six years of hard work distracts 31.

She explained that she would not have accepted the challenge had it not been for the participation of Radio Canada, Marie-Andre Lappé and Guillaume Lesperance, with whom she could share tasks related to the production of the series. We are cracked, we have the sword between our teeth, and what we must give, we will give to youProduct added.

Marie-Andre Labe notably wrote the series “Trop” and “Sans rendez-vous”.

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fueled by adrenaline

Suzanne Clément, for her part, said she was very excited about this great dive, highlighting the audacity of Fabien Laroche, who worked with her. lonliness 9where she played Shandy during the first season, before she was taken over by Catherine-Anne Toupin.

Emergency doctors are the people who run on adrenaline, which may also be like me. I think this is entirely a project for me. What I love is that it’s too risky and it’s a format I haven’t touched beforeshe added.

Not much is known about the plot yet, but Marie-Andre Labe has provided some details. We are talking about a group of friends. Physicians, midwives, surgeons and emergency physicians. These are the people who work together, but who also see each other outside of work. About it all medical staff are vaccinated, […] Patients and their familiesShe explained that the epidemic will only be mentioned vaguely and remotely.

We have made a decision that it will be a post-COVID world, meaning that there will be no references to it in the strict sense of the word. But the pandemic has brought to light the hospital environment, which we now have a new vision for, and I can’t completely ignore it. It’s part of our DNA now.

Danielle Metho, who is currently completing distracts 31The adventure of this daily news will begin with production, but Fabian of Thrones confirms that there will also be invited directors and directors in the future. Production of this series is expected to begin at the beginning of July.