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Surprise Pitlick continues - TVA Sports

Surprise Pitlick continues – TVA Sports

After you have collected three points in She suffered a 5-3 loss Wednesday night in VancouverCanadian striker Rem Petlik has been a surprise since joining the Montreal club.

After waiving concessions on January 12, the former Minnesota Wild now has 13 points, including five goals, in 21 games with the CH outfit.

“I think we are all very satisfied with our game and we trust each other,” Bitlake said after Wednesday’s game.

Likonen, with two goals and an assist, had a productive night, while Bitlik set the table for the Finn’s two goals before firing the goal less than five minutes before the end of the third half.

“I think we all understand that we can be a very good team, and we are a very good team, so we will keep moving forward,” added Pitlick, despite the loss to the Canucks.

“I try to find the slots. Jake (Evans) and Rem made me some great toys,” Leconen noted.

Since his NHL debut, Pitlick, 24, has played 52 games, including 20 with Wild and 11 with the Nashville Predators. He has 26 points.

Contractually speaking, the striker must become a restricted free agent at the end of this season.

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