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Surfside: On the phone with her husband during the breakup

Surfside: On the phone with her husband during the breakup

Lost in a dramatic Surfside avalanche, apartment towers in Florida witnessed a basement pool collapse and leave a large gaping hole, a sight she reported to her partner with whom she was on the phone for a few moments before disappearing.

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Cassondra Beldo-Stratton, 40, lived on the fourth floor of the building with her husband, an apartment that served as their land in Florida, where they spent most of the pandemic.

She panicked her husband, who was on a business trip to Washington, D.C., to tell him that a large crater had replaced the lost pond.

Photo by AFP

“I was on the phone with her, when this all happened, around 1:30 a.m. (from Wednesday night to Thursday),” the man said in an interview with NBC News Monday.

He says he bases his hopes on the immediately deployed Israeli search and rescue team, which is digging up the rubble in search of victims.

“They work hard, they always dig more,” he explained, explaining that he had no news of his sweetheart. “These Israelis are excavation teams, doing the right thing!” There are a lot of people searching and searching.”


Cassondra Beldo-Stratton is a political advisor to the US Democratic Party.

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The catastrophic collapse left at least 11 people dead five days ago. 150 people are missing under the rubble as urgent questions arise about the causes of the tragedy.

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