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Super Smash Bros.  : What is the future of franchising?

Super Smash Bros. : What is the future of franchising?

Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate He gave his last fighter List : Kingdom Hearts Surah. Now, all the characters are available and the game promises many years of existence, enhanced by the eSport scene. But the question now arises with the addition of the hero of the franchise developed by Square Enix. What a future for Super Smash Bros. ? after every thing, climax It is the epitome of the franchise announced at its December 2018 launch: Everyone is there. Knowing that more and more developers have been following a title for years, climax Could it serve as the final authoring, carried over to the next Nintendo console? Several scenarios appear.

What if Super Smash Bros. Was Ultimate benefiting from a long reissue?

Sora is the ultimate fighter in the game – Credit(s): Nintendo

Do not take out the forks! When we talk about a final episode, Assuming Nintendo perpetuates its policy. To transfer its games to the current generation. One can imagine the outcome Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate On the next device, even if it isn’t launching at the moment. Of course, it will not be a simple port and the Japanese developer can then suggest new characters to enrich List. Because the Nintendo Switch has the advantage of having all the fighters included since the first game, which is the core of the franchise.

Imagine a philosophy similar to the philosophy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe whose enthusiasm does not seem to stop. Remember that it is among the best-selling games on a regular basis. In 2021 alone in France, the address appears in the sales ranking, almost every week, from Entertainment Software Publishers Association.

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Strong esports scene for Super Smash Bros. climax

The most powerful esports scene ever
The most powerful sports scene ever – Credit(s): Nintendo

formerly more secretive, The eSport scene explodes with its famous players. And Super Smash Bros. Millie It took years before its fair value was recognized thanks to Five Gods, the latest entry in the franchise is also a hit, filling entire theaters. It’s hard to imagine Nintendo stopping in such a good way and not presenting the future of its title after Sora’s arrival in List. And Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate It appears as the final opus, He is also the one whose follow-up can last several years.

But these players do not expect the announcement of new fighters. It seems almost obvious that Nintendo is done with that and definitely won’t change its mind. from now on, The eSport scene will keep the game alive for a long time. More and more players, formerly interested in the side party gameThey are now training to get a good level.

A game that stands the test of time

Nintendo doesn’t care about photorealistic graphics and sharp graphics. The Japanese giant does not depend on technical ingenuity But he wants to create unique experiences. Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate It is a single combat game with atypical rules that is now being absorbed by millions of players. This title seems to have stood the test of time, and is still very cheerful to this day. So for the future, we start over in a multi-year follow-up. The addition of Sora does not mean the end of the franchise, on the contrary, it is a new phase.

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Nintendo will be able to focus more on balancing and fixing various bugs in order to Super Smash Bros. Game Ultimate be excellent. Although we don’t see the future, it seems clear The future will be bright In the final episode of the license created on the Nintendo 64.