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Sunday, October 30, is a day of prayer for media and journalists

Sunday, October 30, is a day of prayer for media and journalists

UK organization Christians in Media is calling on churches across the UK to set aside a special prayer time for the media during church service on Sunday 30 October.

Christians in Media (Christians in the Media editor’s note) is an association of Christians working in the media in the United Kingdom.

During step Reporter Without Borders With 50 journalists and news workers dead this year and 523 currently behind bars for simply doing their jobs, the British body has called for prayers for the media and those who work in them.

“Like it or hate it, the media plays an important role in our lives. At their best, they give voice to the voiceless, hold the powerful to account, shine a light on unjust practices, while entertaining and informing us,” Christians in the Media point out. Christian today.

“As Christians, we affirm and support the important role of the media in our society. We promote the highest standards in the media and offer our support to the majority of people working in the media in the fight for integrity and truth”, the group continues, “from national newspapers to local radio stations, from websites to trade publications, from television networks to blogs, all have a valuable role to play.

On Sunday’s Day of Prayer for Journalists, churches in Britain and Northern Ireland are being invited to set aside time to pray for the country’s journalists.

“Standing up for truth, integrity and justice has never been more important in a world crying out for God’s love, mercy and compassion.”

The group makes a video called Truth Tellers available to churches and invites churches to pray specifically for: their local, regional, national media and their congregation members working in this domain.

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