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Summer Tour - France XV: Line against Australia

Summer Tour – France XV: Line against Australia

France’s XV, which missed a summer tour last year, hopes to shine in Australia this July 2021, despite health concerns that its first match will take place in Brisbane, not Sydney, with 5.3 million people having to restructure itself for three weeks. The blues end of the week with their mandatory isolation, where they are only allowed to leave their hotel and board the train. This Saturday, coach Fabian Caldick unveiled the squad for the first game against Wallaby on Wednesday at French time. An opening XV that sees two players who have never worn the jersey of France XV: 22-year-old Berbignon native Melvin Zaminet, starting behind, and Castress Hooker Canton Barlot, 24.

R.D. Tofifenua is the most closed player of the opening XV

For the rest, this is apparently a test French team, set up by Fabian Chaldean, who has kept the majority of his executives at rest. Damien Bennett (Clermont, 24, 22 hats), Arthur Vincent (Montpellier, 21, 11 hats), Jonathan Dandy (State Franchise, 28, 6 hats) and Cabin Villier (Dollon, 25, 4 hats). Kiel was made up of young Louis Carbonell (Doloen, 22, 3 choices) and Baptist Coolwood (Leon, 23, 5 choices). Seco McCullough (State Francois, 26, 3 hats), Captain Anthony Jelonch (Castress, 24, 8 hats) and Dylan Gretin (Leon, 24, 10 hats) placed third, while Romain Tofifenua (30, 25 hats) ) And Gillian Gerasi (Lyon, 22, 2 hats) second. Finally, Conte will be surrounded by pillars of Barlot Temba Pamba (Leon, 23, 14 choices) and Jean-Baptiste Cross (Doolon, 22, 9 choices). So, Romain Tofifenua is the most experienced player with 25 selections in the opening XV. “Players have everything to gain. It’s an opportunity for many to assert themselves, to express themselves, and to get on France’s XV’s Wagon two and a half years before the World Cup,” said Fabian Chaldea.

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France XV against Australia: Jaminet – Bennett, Vincent, Dandy, Villier – (o) Carbonell, (m) Coolwood – McCall, Jellonch (hat), Gretin – r. Taobifenua, Jerasi – Pamba, Barlot, Cross.
Alternatives: Adrilord, Walker, Foleta, Vanverberg, Besanty, Wokie, Iribaran, Out Theater