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Summer McIntosh keeps breaking records

The 16-year-old swimmer lowered a second world mark Saturday night at the national trials, this time in the 400m medley. Mackintosh covered the distance in 4:25 87/100, beating the record that had been held for seven years by Hungarian Katinka Hoszów (4:26.36).

It’s really cool and I’m excited to be able to set another world record,” the swimmer told CBC Sports. For now, I only think about my legs. The 400m medley is one of the toughest events.

I just tried to do the best I could and no matter the outcome, I’m happy with it.

On Tuesday, the swimmer broke Ariane Titmus’s record in the 400-meter freestyle.

This does not include the other national and junior records I broke this week.

This is the first time in history that the same person, man or woman, holds the world records in the 400-meter freestyle and the 400-meter medley at the same time.

McIntosh again managed his feat in front of his family and the cheering crowd that came to cheer him on at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Center.

It was also one of the largest crowds since testing began this week. McIntosh says cheering helped her set her new world record.

“I could hear the crowd during the breaststroke,” said the 16-year-old. I was like, “Go, go, go.” I thought of nothing more than to put my hands on the wall as soon as possible.

But she did admit that she was dealing with the pain after the race.

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I am so numb, the pain is so intense I can barely measure it. I just wanted to finish the race. I left it all in the pond, Macintosh concluded.

It’s not easy to digest, Tetmus admits

The young swimmer’s exceptional performances are spreading around the world and enchanting the swimming community.

Starting with Titmus, the great Australian swimmer, whose 400m freestyle record was broken by McIntosh.

It’s never fun to see your record fall, it’s hard to swallow, but looking back it feels as good as it did nowTitmus told Australian Television Channel Nine on Sunday.

I feel some anger in my stomach. I think you must be naive to think that times will not continue to decline. It is exciting for our sport. Promises an area of ​​​​400 square meters for free.

Think Clash of Summer, Katie [Ledecky] And I will be at the top in Paris. Time flies by, we’ll be there in a year and a half. It is exciting for our sport. »

Quote from Ariarn Titmus

Summer McIntosh will be running for the last time at Sunday night’s national trials for the 200 freestyle.

It will also be the World Championships to be held in Fukuoka, Japan, on July 14th.

With information from CBC’s Devin Heroux sports.