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subvention. Music and Science for Pupitres en Liberté

Is music a science? Perhaps not even if mathematics had a place there or if music therapy had the wind in its sails. But the Conservatory of Dole and the commune wanted to associate France’s most famous scientist with the 2023 edition of Pupitres en Liberté.

A century marked by romanticism in music

Louis Pasteur lived in a century marked by romanticism in music and for this reason Hector Berlioz makes two brilliant appearances in the programme, particularly in the closing concert to be given by the Victor Hugo Orchestra in Conductance. He will also perform arias by Adele Hugo, a subtle tribute to his father’s eponymous orchestra. The rest of the program is eclectic and not limited to the 19thH a century.

The format of Les Pupitres en Liberté has not changed: the concerts last thirty minutes and follow each other at a good pace allowing fans to enjoy a wide range of classical music. A little special mention for a moment that is always special: the 11pm after-concert on Saturday in the Karl-Riepp Hall giving a bespoke commission to flutists Marion and Jean-Henri Bertie.

Offices in Liberty, Downtown Dole, Sat 1any and Sunday, April 2. Free admission to most concerts except for the concert by the Victor Hugo Orchestra (10 euros) and the concert at the Municipal Theater by the Orchestra de Jura based on film music (5 euros). For reservations: Dole Tourisme ticket office, tel. The complete program of these 48 hours of classical music can be downloaded at