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Study: We spend more than 4 hours a day on apps, TikTok is way ahead!

Study: We spend more than 4 hours a day on apps, TikTok is way ahead!

Smartphones have been a small revolution in our daily lives, they allow us to maintain constant contact close to us and provide access to many applications that simplify our lives. However, smartphones also have a downside, they make us waste a lot of time on a daily basis, time that would allow us to do more things and possibly be more productive in the course of professional activity.

Disturbing study (slightly)

How much time do you spend daily on the apps installed on your iPhone?
While it is difficult to give an exact number or even a daily average, a study conducted by in the US carefully observed the behavior of many users with an iPhone or an Android smartphone. The result of the study without appeal … we pass it a lot of time on our smartphones!

According to the statistics collected, a person residing in: United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Russia, Turkey and the United States spends on average 4 hours a day in its applications.
The study adds a special mention to Indonesia, Brazil and Singapore where the average rose to 5 hours Several times during the observation period.

Smartphone addiction

But what do we do to be more on our smartphones on a daily basis? The results show that some applications have the ability to create addiction So much so that they can be opened dozens of times an hour!
To push the research further, the company created a ranking to highlight the apps with the highest engagement rates during the second quarter of 2022:

  • tik tok
  • Youtube
  • Disney +
  • Tinder

Thanks to algorithms and recommendations designed to understand your interests and show what you want to see, tik tok And the Youtube Take home the highest use of gold, which is not really surprising as this is the strategy that ByteDance and Google want. Let’s not forget that the more a user is in the application, the higher the advertising revenue!

The study also focused on the apps with the most downloads in the second quarter of 2022. As usual, this applies to the majority of apps they own dead. Fortunately, there is TikTok to break Mark Zuckerberg’s “total dominance” group:

  1. Instagram
  2. FB
  3. tik tok
  4. The WhatsApp

Note that this study was conducted outside of confinement and curfew periods, which is a logical decision because the uses are not the same as when picnics are restricted due to the health crisis.


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