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Student finds a way for light rail riders to avoid crowded buses

Student finds a way for light rail riders to avoid crowded buses

As OC Transpo engineers work to get light rail back up and running in Ottawa, a University of Ottawa software engineering student has created a series of maps to help commuters avoid the replacement R1 buses, which are often crowded and late.

Self-proclaimed Ella Primo Crossing a transgender obsession. It began constructing alternate routes that would allow passengers to bypass the R1 bus service when the light rail was closed a year ago.

It’s funny, I mostly make cards because it’s something I love to do […]. I often take the bus. So I collected a lot of system knowledgeshe told the show Ottawa Morning, to CBC.

While OC Transpo announced Monday that light rail service will not resume until July 31, Ms. Primo cards continue to grow in popularity.

They recently caused a stir on the community website, reddit. Netizens called the student a hero and a life saver.

The young student explains that usually, When the train is stopped I use these to avoid the R1, mainly because I prefer taking shortcuts, shorter roads and side streets.

I have this knowledge and it could come in handy to people, now that the train has become idle again for an indefinite period.

R1 buses are often crowded at peak times. Especially on the street queen, Town centre. OC Transpo is keen to operate alternative buses near light rail stations. However, the street queen Narrow, which crowds the street and creates frustration among users.

The public transit company has tried to rectify the situation by recently rerouting its buses onto the streets Albert And SlaterStill downtown. A decision Ms. Primo agrees with.

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This will definitely reduce travel times. I think chaos is still an issue. […] There was also a change of course at the station for mewhich saves a lot of time, but I don’t know where the balance is between optimizing this route and having a lot of transportation services that confuse passengersdecompose.

Line 16, the best ever

The alternative routes suggested by Ms. Primo may not be faster, but they do allow users to board the bus where there is a seat available and where the waiting time at the stop is shorter.

One notable route is line 16. According to Ms. Primo’s calculations, it is 12 minutes faster than the R1 buses.

Line 16 stops at almost all light rail stations in the city centre. stop [à la station] parliament, Lions And he goes to Tony’s pasture. So if you live downtown and want a quick way to get to Tunney’s Pasture I think this is probably the best optionMrs. Primo argues.

Ella Primeau cards can be viewed on her Instagram account @ellalikesbuses, and they don’t just focus on downtown excursions. It detail many options for users BarhavenOrleans and Kanata Statesville.

Ms. Primière’s maps offer users of public transportation the same kind of alternative routes that Mario Duguay offers motorists in his morning and evening traffic reports on ICI Première.

Although it is not intended to be geographically accurate, [les cartes] Simply specify where these buses go, and at which stops they stop, so people can use them to bypass the R1 and go straight to the stops they want to go toMs Primo confirms.

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But will the popularity of these cards lead to their neglect if they are used excessively?

I think many people will be aware of the existence of these alternative routes, and then, perhaps, there will be more people on these buses as well. I haven’t looked into it yet but I think there will always be a better chance of getting a seat thereshe said in response.

With information from Mario Carlucci CBC News