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Strengthening the mind… team sports!  · Inserm, Science for Health

Strengthening the mind… team sports! · Inserm, Science for Health

In light of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, team sports add a string to their bow: psychological research! This is an approach supported by the project a team Sports. Its goal: to scientifically improve group dynamics to work as a team.

Article can be found in Inserm Magazine Issue 60

Reaching the highest level in your sport requires working on your fitness and technique, as well as your mind. However, if the mental dimension is still often linked to individual performance, team sports are beginning to be integrated as evidenced by a team Sport, has been funded since 2019 as part of France 2030's extremely high-performance sports priority research programme. This project aims to develop methods to improve group dynamics as a performance tool in five Olympic team sports: basketball, soccer, handball, rugby, and volleyball. To this end, five laboratories are collaborating to study this dynamic through identity processes, that is, the psychological mechanisms that make an individual feel like they belong to some degree to their group. We're talking about the dynamic between “we” and “me.” », describes its coordinator Mickael Campeau, a researcher in sports psychology at the University of Burgundy in Dijon and responsible for mental preparation in the French Rugby Federation. Data collection is almost complete and the first results are starting to appear.

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