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Street of all accidents in the UK

Street of all accidents in the UK

This street in a city on the outskirts of London is famous for the accidents that happen there. Reason: Very narrow road.

Sometimes it happens Civil engineers have a great hand In their calculations or plans when designing Road infrastructure. Who has not already experienced Underground parking With incredible towers Wrong place To maneuver? Off Bridges At dangerous heights? Or Parking Is it in the flood zone? Comes from the latest invention UK, Or a The street is infamous For Causing accidents Chain for cars going there.

Maximum width

Udmer Avenue, Which is the name of this path Watford In the south of England. It is known by its name Exaggerated narrow width Hundreds of vehicles are stuck in it Every year.

Reduced to just 1.98 meters (Not 2.10m as announced on a panel), which surprises all vehicles wanting to get there. Vehicles that cannot pass, most often find themselves Hit the thick concrete pillars, Sometimes even Puncture the tires there squarely.

Towards a legal battle?

First, Which was designed Can prevent large vehicles from moving To residential areas of the city. But the video below shows, too Small sizes Like Volkswagen Golf and others Toyota Iko gets stuck there ! Saves this terrible path Not even the police, Who gets stuck like others who tried to let a van slip …

In six months, Complained a local in the background of this video A dozen accidents ! A figure who did not challenge the MP for this constituency, Dean Russell, a Appeal to Parliament And intends to do things. Until then, let’s hope as few cars as possible get stuck in it Street popular on the internet now

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Discover the adventures of this English street in the video here:

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