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Stray: Mods to transform a kitten into CJ from GTA: San Andreas

Stray: Mods to transform a kitten into CJ from GTA: San Andreas

Several mods appear a few weeks after the release of the new Stray game and in particular a rather funny mod that takes the famous Carl Johnson, the main character of the GTA game: San Andreas.

Featured image: Annapurna Interactive

Since July 19, 2022, players can finally play Stray. An adventure game in which they embody a cat that evolves in a cyberpunk inspired world with robots. A game developed by the French studio Blue Twelve Studio, which was very well received.

Madness sparked the creation of various mods including Sirgalahad172, which has been talked about a lot. In fact, this mode in particular allows you to replace the cute kitten with the avatar of the GTA video game: San AndreasCarl Johnson aka CJ.

oh shit here we go again “Does this speak to you? This meme has gone viral on social media, what could be better for a game where you play as a cat to see such a distinct character roaming all over the place. Some might say “strange” too “disturbing”, but it’s still funny for players who see it as a good appeal to Rockstar’s unbearable expectations for the arrival of a new GTA opus.

It is possible to download this mode now this site.

Other modifications?

Other modifications have appeared which are more or less interesting. It is especially possible to install these mods now to add excitement to your adventure. For example, some mods offer cat customization so that players will feel like they are playing with their pet.

Do you prefer dogs? That’s no problem, there’s also a play mode with an adorable puppy, or for lovers of riding we have a horse in the dark alleys of Stray.

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It is also possible if you want to go on such an adventure as Garfield, the famous ginger cat, who only thinks about eating and sleeping and teasing his companions. It is now possible. All modifications listed are available in nexusmods website.

The game is available on PS4, PS5 and Windows PC.