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Stock Market: What moves in the markets before the opening on Monday

Stock Market: What moves in the markets before the opening on Monday

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Global markets remained well geared Monday in Europe and Asia, in the wake of breaking new records on Wall Street, at the start of a very busy week for corporate results.


On Wall Street, around 7.15 AM, futures Standard & Poor’s 500 He lost 10 points to 4,166 points, that’s from Dow Jones It yielded 80 points to 34,000, and those for Nasdaq It decreased by 40 points to 13,989 points.

In Europe, the markets were mixed in the middle of the session. in London , FTSE 100 Index It gained 62 points to 6,975 points. In Paris , CAC 40 He took 36 points to 6304 points and in Frankfurt he got Dax It remained stable at 15.424 points.

Asian places I ended up at Shanghai (+ 1.49%) as in Hong Kong (+ 0.80%). The composite index for … Shenzhen It gained 2.44% while Tokyo Stable clôturé.


Expectations for an economic recovery led markets to a peak last week: the Dow Jones and S&P 500 indexes broke new records on Friday at the close of Wall Street, as did the German DAX.

The context remains favorable for equity markets, which depend on a dynamic economic recovery once the health crisis is under control and on the accommodative monetary policies of central banks.

“The US economy is still on an impressive recovery path, and the Fed has managed to calm the markets (…). Milan Cutovic, an AXI analyst, is commenting on similar signals this week from the European Central Bank.

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Most market participants expect the European Central Bank to maintain favorable financing conditions on Thursday.

“This Monday promises to be calm before the pace of publication speeds up” of results for companies on both sides of the Atlantic, notes Tang Lee Lebocks, Aurel BGC broker analyst.

For now, the first corporate results seem to confirm the expected jump in the first quarter.

This bodes well for further market support and fueling strong expectations for most advanced economies, especially the United States. This is all the more favorable, as prices have long fallen across the Atlantic, ”confirms Sebastian Paris Horvitz, LBPAM strategist.

In the bond market, US yields remained stable on Monday, boosting stock markets.

The growing geopolitical tension between Russia and the West does not seem to be disrupting the markets much at this point. However, investors continued to follow the worrying development of the epidemic in Brazil and India.

On the oil side

Around 7:30 a.m., a barrel was West Texas Intermediate The US dollar fell 0.16% to $ 63.03 a barrel Brent From the North Sea it lost 0.22% to $ 66.62.