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Steve Wozniak, a great ally of the Right to Reparation movement

Steve Wozniak, a great ally of the Right to Reparation movement

A law guaranteeing the population’s access to information and spare parts needed to repair electronic devices: this is what the movement for the right to repair wants.

Steve Wozniak spoke passionately about the issue in a video posted on Cameo, a site that pays celebrities to deliver an SMS, in response to a request from activist and YouTuber Louis Rossmann.

companies oppose [au droit de réparer] Because it gives them power and control over everything.

Quote from:Steve Wozniak

The Apple co-founder firmly believes that he could not have started the business without electronic access to the devices that surrounded him when he was younger.

I had no restrictions on building a computer and showing the world that the future of personal computers would be a keyboard attached to a TV., Knock.

This all came from the fact that I was able to fix, tweak, and get things working on my own., he added.

Other benefits

Steve Wozniak, who left the company in the 1980s, attributes the success of the Apple II computer to the accessibility of its case, and the fact that it came with schematics and graphics to modify it as needed. According to him, this computer was the only source of profit for Apple during the first decade of its operation.

The computer scientist, now 70, adds that it is best for companies to offer this option, which can yield significant benefits.

It also highlights the personal pride that comes with a successful home repair.

You can fix a lot of things on the cheap, but knowing you did it yourself is even more valuable.

Quote from:Steve Wozniak

In passing, he calls out in favor of workshops that train young people in programming, a Motivation for creative minds is like their own, according to him.

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Where is the right to algebra?

Steps for the right to reform have already been taken all over the world. In the UK, spare parts for appliances and televisions must be provided.

The United States is also seeking recognition of this right as 27 countries have debated legislation regarding potential reform, according to the US PIRG coalition of public interest research groups.

For its part, Apple is doing poorly in this regard, Accused of programming obsolescence of his devices Limit their repair to their technicians, otherwise the warranty will not last. The tech giant refuses to provide parts and information about ways to restore iPad and iPhone, for example.

In Quebec, Professor of Law at the University of Sherbrooke She encouraged her students to introduce a bill in the National Assembly to meet the planned obsolescence. The proposal, however It was rejected by the government in 2019.