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Steve Bannon, trash

Steve Bannon, trash

Steve Bannon changes his tune and will testify before the committee responsible for highlighting the January 6, 2021 attack. The announcement comes at a time when Donald Trump officially exonerates him In a message conveyed The New York Times.

far-right populist propaganda

For those who have forgotten, Bannon has a well-stocked track record and his life could be the subject of a crime novel. The man who served in the US Navy, played investors, got involved in Hollywood cinema, before helping develop Breitbart News, a propaganda machine forright alternative.

If the platform presents itself as a pro-truth medium, and as a counterweight to the gradual transformation of certain major media, it also conveys ideas of the far right. Sometimes we misinform and intentionally pass on the words of white nationalists or neo-Nazis.

Bannon’s wildest dreams came true in 2015, when Donald Trump descended the escalator to Trump Tower. Then he will compare Bannon Nazi propaganda film Leni Riefenstahl, The victory of the will. Trump became Hitler.

After actively participating in the election campaign, Steve Bannon will enter the White House in the company of his protectors. His stay there would be short-lived, as he was turned down by Donald Trump after he agreed to collaborate on the book. fire and anger, by Michael Wolf.

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The president later appears to have forgiven him for his confusion, as he will grant him a presidential pardon before he leaves office. Bannon has been accused of embezzlement, fraudulently raising more than $1 million.

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You must keep all of these facts in mind to understand the sudden readiness of the former adviser to cooperate. That, and the fact that refusing to cooperate could risk up to two years in prison and a heavy fine.

Trump’s envoy?

True to Trump, it would be surprising if Bannon incriminated him. He will choose well the questions he wants to answer and can always invoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid incriminating himself.

It is no coincidence that Bannon testifies when the former president gives his “permission.” The story of the hearings was put together by Democrats and two Republican political opponents. With Bannon in attendance, Trump hopes to regain some initiative.

Will Bannon’s testimony be enough to influence perceptions? What he is accused of – with supporting evidence – is serious. We know he attended a meeting of the president’s confidants in the hours leading up to the January 6 attack and promised that we would see “hell unleashed.”

Once again, I invite you to stay informed. Nothing is trivial with Steve Bannon, and his designs are grim. The possibility of dirty tricks is real, and after the scene, it will again be necessary to stick to the facts.