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Stephen King helped The Croque-metaine make it to theaters

Stephen King helped The Croque-metaine make it to theaters

bogeyman It was only intended for broadcast, until Stephen King stepped in.

The horror film, starring Chris Messina and Sophie Thatcher, was supposed to stream on the Hulu streaming service, but executives at 20th Century Studios decided to release it theatrically after positive test screenings and rave reviews from Stephen King.

“We pitched this movie to Stephen King late last year,” director Rob Savage said ahead of its release in London on Tuesday. We rented his favorite movie theater in Maine, he went in there with a bucket of popcorn and I had a guy from Number 20 sitting in the back row tweeted on air throughout the movie, “Jump Stephen King”, “Stephen King laughed at this joke.”

“He went out and sent us the sweetest message saying, ‘It’s a fucking scary movie, I loved it, and they’d be silly not to bring it to the big screen.’ It was supposed to be a streaming movie, but with the help of Stephen King, it ended up here,” Rob Savage concluded to the front. The audience.

The host manager noticed that he was fired bogeyman He thinks of cinema, though he knows the movie was streaming. And he added, “Although this movie was meant for the small screen, we made it with the big screen in mind, we made it with an experience like that in mind,” referring to the room, the cinema he was in.

bogeymanalso starring Vivien Lera Blair and David Dastmalchian, is based on Stephen King’s eponymous short story published in 1973. The film tells the story of members of a grieving family who fall prey to a supernatural entity in their immaculate home.

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The movie is already in theaters.