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Stephanie Harvey Wins 'Big Brother Celebrities'

Stephanie Harvey Wins ‘Big Brother Celebrities’

Finally, Stephanie Harvey won the final match of the second season of Celebrity Big Brother.

The jury of the last seven disqualified from the house preferred the 35-year-old professional gamer and video game developer to the last nouveau reality TV finalist, singer and actress Eleonor Lagassi.

The vote was close, four against, and it was high-profile diver Laysan Richard, the last to decide, who decided in favor of Stephanie. The latter had had a turbulent season and had found herself in the area seven times, each time being threatened with eviction.

Stephanie has won several awards after winning, as well as a $25,000 scholarship, provided by Entourage Spectacle, which will go to Tel-jeunes, an organization supported by the video game operator.

Cyclist Hugo Barrett, of the Magdalen Islands, managed to reach the top three, but was disqualified from a home Big brother By her ally Stephanie, before the final stage.

Remember, it was comedian Jean-Thomas Jobin who triumphed in Season 1 last year. This year, COVID-19 came to play spoiler sports during the season, but we’ve somehow integrated the virus into the game by isolating infected candidates while they recover.

Next Sunday, at 6:30 p.m., Noovo will gather all Season 2 players for the special Celebrity Big Brother: The Last Confession. On this occasion, the audience’s favorite will be revealed.

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