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Stephane Russo announces good news

Stephane Russo announces good news

Stephane Russo had good news to announce on Tuesday afternoon.

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The comedian and actor revealed on his social networks the culmination of a project that he has been working on for several years, namely, writing a book. Not any book, this is his autobiography.

authorized Royal familyThe book will trace the life of Stephane Russo from childhood to adulthood. The introduction was signed by France Baudouin.

“It recounts a lot of memorable moments from my childhood. Upset times, funny times, horrible times perhaps. And we go into adulthood. It’s my hilarious way of telling you. In all humility, I think you’ll enjoy reading this, however you might be surprised by this personal journey.” “Can we hear the saying that we can currently see in the daily news condition.


Watch his ad here:

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“That’s it… I’ve devoted myself. I wrote an autobiographical book called: The Royal Family
I have been working there for years.
This outing is amazing for me. I have never felt feverish or nervous.
I’m even a little dizzy but hey, when you have to go, you have to go!
On October 19, The Royal Family will be available at your favorite bookstore.
I hope you like my atypical story. @koeditionsCan we read the caption to accompany the post.

You can get the book Royal family Starting October 19.

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