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Steam Deck won’t be more powerful once you put it in the dock, unlike the Nintendo Switch

Valve finally admitted to something Steam Deck does worse than Switch. While the latter benefits from performance gains placed on its surface, that’s not the case with the new portable console. Gabe Newell made it clear that they focused first on the mobile side of the device.

credit: valve

Announcing the arrival steam surfaceValve has rocked the small world of portable consoles. It must be said that there are not many competitors: Apart from the Nintendo Switch that takes everything in its pathThe land is relatively free. The manufacturer also attacked its only competitor directly, and decided to do everything better. According to the latter, The console will be able to run any game, and this in 30fps minimum.

No doubt then: Steam Deck is aimed above all at experienced gamersFind good performance whether at home or on the go. Also, one would have thought that it would imitate the behavior of a switch when placed on its dock, i.e. to take advantage of a performance gain. In fact, CPUs and GPUs no longer have to worry about battery conservation or even streaming audio through speakers, they can just focus on gaming. Surprisingly, that will not be the case.

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Valve remembers Steam Deck is above all else a portable console

The reason for this is simple. Valve admits to thinking about increasing Steam Deck performance on its dock, but “I didn’t decide to make it a very high design priority. We felt it was actually better, all things considered, not to adjust the process to docked mode and portable mode,” Specifies the manufacturer. In other words, if the game will display well in 1080p, or even 4K on a compatible screen, Steam Deck may have difficulty running it.

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“We really wanted to prioritize its use in what we thought was the most important use case, the laptop,” says Valve. “So because we focused on that, we chose a threshold where the machine runs well, with a good FPS for AAA games in this scenario. We didn’t really feel like we had to target the dock scenario at a higher resolution either. We wanted to design a simpler target and prioritize that.”

Source : PCGamer