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Steam Deck will be able to play games with Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat

Games that use Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat will run smoothly on the Steam platform.

portable console valve vapor surface Don’t stop talking about it. And today there is good news about the potential catalog of games. In fact, the company recently announced that games that use Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) program can now Works perfectly on console.

Games that use Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat

Valve explained that adding titles using EAC to the Steam Deck console is ultimately a “simple process”. Developers won’t even need to update their SDK version or make any changes that might take a long time. With Valve adding support for BattlEye through the Proton compatibility layer for Linux within a few months, the company is quite proud to announce that “this means that the two biggest anti-cheat services are now easily supported on Proton and Steam Deck”. In practical terms, that should mean playing more of your favorite games on the Valve console when they become available next month.

It will be able to run Steam Deck easily

Of course, it’s easy for Valve to make it easy for developers to make sure their games run smoothly on Steam Deck, but it’s very different for them to do whatever it takes to ensure compatibility. At this point, when Valve announced support for BattlEye in December, the company said the developers only had to contact Valve to activate the software for their games. However, we still have no confirmation that the popular multiplayer games on Steam that use BattlEye and EAC, including rainbow six sig and PUBG, from day one on Steam Deck. Anyway, Valve attempted to answer this question with their recently announced Deck Verified program. And this week, the US company has added at least 67 titles to its database, 39 of which should also work without any problem on the device.

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