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Steam Deck: Easy to Fix, iFixit will sell most of the components on its site

Steam Deck: Easy to Fix, iFixit will sell most of the components on its site

If there is one thing that can be blamed on modern electronic devices, it is a design that does not allow the consumer to easily fix them. The Steam Deck portable console is an exception, as reported by iFixit specialists. It only takes a few minutes to get to the internal components, but above all, most of the spare parts will soon be offered through the on-site DIY shop.

All components available?

Because iFixit accidentally added (and then removed) the parts from their store too soon, our colleagues from the edge I have posted for informational purposes a list of the ingredients on offer as well as their prices, which are often considered inexpensive. The screen is just $100, the joysticks are $20 each, and the speaker is $25. Unsurprisingly, the most expensive item is the $349 motherboard. We note the absence of the battery, but the latter should be put up for sale quickly.

Here are the main prices:

  • Fan: $24.99
  • Display (512GB model): $94.99
  • Display (64 or 256GB model): $64.99
  • Right stick: $19.99
  • Left stick: $19.99
  • Button membrane: $4.99
  • D-Pad Film: $4.99
  • Speaker: $24.99
  • Low trigger: $7.99
  • High trigger: $6.99
  • Back cover: $24.99
  • Front Cover: $24.99
  • Motherboard: $349.99
  • Right Daughter Board: $29.99
  • Left Daughter Board: $34.99
  • Battery Sticker: $4.99
  • Screen Sticker: $4.99
  • AC Adapter (Charger) US/UK/EU: $24.99

In a video tutorial, iFixit explains that disassembling the portable console only takes a few minutes: you have to remove the few screws on the back and then unscrew the plastic housing. There are no adhesives or other complications like smartphones. After that the motherboard is immediately accessible, as well as other components.

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