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STAT production responds to frequent criticism from viewers

STAT production responds to frequent criticism from viewers

STATthe daily news from Radio Canada, has been the talk of the town since its first episodes aired this week.

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After just a few episodes, netizens are quickly telling that they appreciate the many characters and fast pace of this series set in the hospital world. However, some criticize the TV series he is starring in Susan Kleiman some inconsistencies.

On .’s Facebook page STATCommentary aimed at the so-called inconsistencies in the logistics of the hospital center sparked a lot of reactions, and participated in the production.

“There are so many inconsistencies, it’s unbelievable! Do you have medical consultants? A person in a coma with a bullet to the head should be in intensive care. Both operations (femur and finger bone) should be in the orthopedic unit or surgery. The woman should be Which are subject to psychological assessment in a closed environment. The emergency doctor who interferes with the police investigation. No, but … ”, said the viewer.

Regarding production, here is what we answered:

“We have many consultants, but we make choices regarding the production of the novel. We can’t have 8 groups for 8 different units, and 12 nurses to represent the true organizational chart of a hospital center. You may end up with a few characters appearing, depending on the situation: Gynecology, orthopedics, psychiatry, oncology, non-repetition of characters. Everyone will change situations. In short, these are not contradictions; it is a fantasy and a logistics of filming that must be respected. We cannot be actors at this point.”

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Despite the negative comments, the team also receives many comments from viewers who understand that it is fiction.

“You should invite the people who criticize to come to one of your shots, they might then realize what it’s like to create a TV series with all the restrictions that it requires. Because judging the work of the production team without knowing a day in their shoes is no better than judging the work of the workers,” said one viewer. in healthcare without experiencing it.”

“I get your point, and yes, that would be a great idea, but again it will be the less happy people who will be rewarded, rather than the people who really appreciate our work, despite the choices we have to make in terms of realism. It is easy to understand: there is a launch This kind of fire made from All over the web. If someone doesn’t understand that you can’t reproduce an entire hospital in fiction, and you have a role so that all hospital stakeholders are specifically represented in their positions, then there is a problem. Do you 30 lives Lacking realism because we only saw a couple of classes, and we never saw PE classes, or almost? no. Was it realistic approaching the documentary? no more. Unfortunately, this type of criticism is typical of a medical, police or legal chain. »

We recall that STAT It is broadcast from Monday to Thursday on the air from radio canada, up to 19 hours.

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